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Hegedűs Tünde


Spring Dinner - Dance and Commemoration of the Revolution in 1848-1849

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Start: 03/14/2009 - 18:00Tünde Hegedűs: Csárdás

Date: March 14 (Saturday) 6 pm         
Location: Unity Church-Unitarian
                732 Holy Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104
Special guests:
H.E. Dr. Istvan Mezei Consul General and Magdolna Egri Consul from Chicago
Tünde Hegedűs (Artist) from Hungary - her artworks will be showcased during the dinner
See and download the Dinner Invitation from here
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Commemoration of the Revolution in 1848-49Hungarian Revolution 1848
On 15th March Hungarians commemorate the Revolution and the War of Independence against the Austrian-Habsburg rule in 1848-49.
Tünde Hegedűs and her artwork

The Minnesota Hungarians Non-Profit Organization would like to welcome Ms. Tunde Hegedus, Hungarian artist. Her paintings and sculptures will be showcased during our Spring Dinner at the Unity Church on March 14., 2009.


Hegedűs Tünde comes from Szarvas , Hungary . Her childhood was affected by plants, animals, air and water - altogether nature influenced her. Folk-dance, music, acting, decorating art and design formed her individuality. Besides being an artist, Tunde is a financial advisor. Her exhibitions demonstrate how well two spirits can live in a fragile body of a woman: the rationally thinking person, and the playful, sensitive person who has inner values urging her to express her sensations in two and three dimensions. She paints, draws graphics, and carves statues. The main topics of her art are the human being, nature and slender feminine figures. She had several exhibitions apart from Hungary in Belgium , Italy , Germany , Denmark , Romania and California .


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