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About me

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There is an old ’ask – answer ’ children game which sounds like this: ’I have come from America and my craft is …’ Well, in case of Hegedűs Tünde the first part of the answer is relatively easy: She comes from Szarvas, in the valley of the Körös, which gave fancy and essence to artists such as György Ruzicskay, György Melis and we could go on listing the artists who come from this beautiful town. Her childhood was affected by plants, animals, air and water – altogether the direct nature influenced the sensitive little girl. Folk-dance, music, acting, decorating art, designing and making clothes and having tasks were all part of her, forming her individuality.
And if we wanted to get the answer for her ’craft’ the answer would be much more difficult in the case of Tünde Hegedűs. Her exhibitions demonstrate how well can two spirits live in one fragile body of a woman: the rationally thinking person who has several university diplomas, a successful food industry banker-engineer and the player, sensitive person who has inner values urging her to express her sensations in two and three dimensions. She paints, draws graphics and statues are born in between her hands.
The main topic of her art is the human being, nature and the slender womanly figures, which are rereturning shapes, and whose partner is a bunch of roses which is a symbol of loyalty, love and the passionate adorance.
PhD Ildiko Szabo Komlovszky
Hegedűs Tünde
In my early childhood I showed an interest in crafting and art and started painting and drawing at a competitive level.
However, I ended up graduating as an engineer and later decided to work in the financial industry as a banker and a financial expert.
Still, I kept using the power of art as a tool to free my soul. I got, as the greatest gift of my life, this talent, which is able to draw me from the world of rationality into a world where I can express my dreams.
I started to exhibit my art work in 2000 and since then I have had a chance to showcase my pieces all over Europe and other continents.




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Tel.: +36 30 278 4440
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