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Hegedűs Tünde



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Extracts from selected critical reviews:

Genre, townscape, parts of buildings, detailed and gentle composure, figurative compositions, perfect self-portraits. European Pocket Lexicon for Art (2002) - Attila Regényi

for Tünde it is equally surprising and gladsome that a lot of people would be happy to buy her paintings. On such occasions the businesswoman is happy - Acclaim arouse emotions in her. Tina magazine - human lives

She is considered by many as one of the toughest professionals in financial life, her working ability and competence won acclaim in this field. Recently she has presented herself from a new perspective…This year she has been invited to a number of exhibitions being held in Hungary, as well as abroad. Délmagyarorszag - Gizella Lévay (January 2002)

A rigorous and strict businesswoman of Szeged is now recognized as a successful artist. Tünde Hegedűs used to provide people with investment advice, however, her present customers order paintings and sculptures, and congratulate her on her success in art. Blikk (February 2002) - Márton Virág

We all use a characteristic and individual language to express our thoughts and emotions. Tünde Hegedűs draws our attention to a world behind the appearances of everyday life, applying surprisingly subtle solutions and showing womanly easiness. Lévay Gizella (2001. november) - Délmagyarország

She likes new beginnings, the need to shift moods, she is aware of and understands the essence of the choreography of crossings and transformations. Most of her paintings reflect the memory of classicism. Townscapes and ornaments are cut out in firm lights. The theatre and its foyer suits the artist. Maros Megyei Népujság (November 2002)

Her works of art are original and exciting, the exhibition will surely be an interesting event. Erdélyi Magyar Közéleti Krónika (November 2001.)

It is at night when Tünde Hegedűs paints these works of art in her studio a time for her to forget about workdays, a time to celebrate. She has beautiful holidays. Mihály Spiellmann

When she paints, she applies textures, she drafts Ensori masks from Venetian gondolas; sometimes she attempts to employ a hyperrealist style, using acrylic on chipboard. She creates living scapes, masking faces, preparing them for ceremonies and smiling at the world. Sándor Fodor (February 2002)

Her paintings are clearly realistic, she employs ornament-like solutions, nevertheless her works of art truly reflect her excellent drawing skills. Her sculptures are appealing, their features provide evidence of the essential professional security. Her bronze sculptures are rich in movement and also represent reality. Her intimate style sculptures are very attractive. Szegedi Szépírás arts periodical - Zoltán Polner (Oktober 2002)