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Hegedűs Tünde


"Művészek összefogása a világbékéért" cikk az Amerikai/Kanadai Magyarság hetilap 2013 03 16-i számában

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WPMP Ambassador of Hungary: Tünde Hegedűs

Artists for World Peace

Hungarian painter and sculptor, head of Art Gallery of Panorama World Club, Tünde Hegedűs has recently been honored by Titté Baquero, the president of the Worldwide World Peace Marker Project which joins with artists of the world working for world peace, who has asked her to represent Hungary.
 As a work of art, the WPMP collective joining 23 countries for the time being aims to create a minimal model of an independent idea of
world peace which in terms, ushers into existence a foundation for a culture of world peace, a culture upon which all of the prior notions of peace can coalesce as part of its armature, and thus contribute their history to a global narrative of world peace. 
WPMP collective dramatizes with great simplicity the aesthetic of world peace as a physical reality whose tangible and mental experience is available to all human beings everywhere. In short WPMP collective creates world peace as a global experience for the entire human species.
Hungarian ambassador of Worldwide World Peace Marker Project Tünde Hegedűs is a painter and sculptor, whose works have been displayed all over Europe and also in numerous cities in the United States.
Tünde runs an Art Saloon in the city center of Szeged supporting young talents. She established an art award and takes parts in a lot of charity initiations.
In the framework of Panorama World Club, which has member clubs in more than 50 countries all over the world, as a leader of the Art Gallery Tünde is constructing a spiritual bridge between the ancestral homeland and the 5 million Hungarians living in the diaspora.
Working as an engineer and investment banker and having a successful career in the economical and financial world Tünde is looking for the new ways and means of co-operation of economics, sponsorship and art.